INFJ: The Advocate Personality [ Meaning, Signs, Characterisctics ]

INFJ [The Advocate] is one of the rarest out of all of the 16 personality type in the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) which is based on Carl Jung's Theory of Personality. It's characterized by Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging

Being 'Introverted' means being energized by quite time alone, Intuitive' means focus on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details, 'Feeling' means you prioritize relationships & lastly 'judging' means you prefer structure & order.

INFJ's are reserved and highly sensitive individuals who are idealistic and have a strong focus on the future. The I.N.F.J. personality type makes up less than 2% of the world's population.

The INFJ personality type are known for their warm empathy, keen insights, and deep insights into human potential.

In short, they are idealistic, introspective and creative healers with high moral standards & remarkable sense of personal integrity.

Fun Secrets about INFJ

  • They put the "Book" in "Bookworm" - INFJ loves reading books and enjoy learning new things.
  • They are ambitious, knowledge seeking and always open to self-improvement.
  • INJF enjoys problem-sloving and reflecting on ethics.
  • They make routine "un-boring" - These people are master in organizing & seems to be prepared, punctual and persistent

Characterisctics of INFJ

Being one of the rarest personality type in the world, INFJ are not less then magical unicorns. Here are some of the key characteristics of INFJ.

infj personality

1. Senstive, Compassionate & Idealistic

They are ofter known as the Advoacte or the Counselor or the Idealist. INFJ seek meaning and authenticity in their life and tends to search the opportunities to make the world a better place.

They are idealistic that does not mean that they see the world through rose-colored glasses. They understand the world, both the good and the bad, and hope to be able to make it better.

2. Supporting for What’s Right

All the famous INFJ are known for their supporting behaviour. They stand up for what is right. They may see helping other as their life purpose

Advocates are capable of transforming their idealistic thoughts into realistic actions. They are not philosophers or day dreamers. They are successful leaders who have strength to bring meaningful changes into their communities.

3. Private Individuals

They are private individuals who are very selective about who they let enter in their lives. INFJ are deep thinkers and enjoys contemplating the true meaning of life.

But being private doesn't mean they are't good at communicating with others. They communicate in warm and senstative manner. They are loyal friends and and empathetic human being who strive to help others. They have ability to read people but often have hard time understanding themselves.

4. Have a misterious aura

The INFJ have peaceful yet mysterious aura. They are seem to be calm & polite while speaking. Due to their calm nature, people fell relaxed & comfortable around them.

They found to have a strong sense of intuition, that help them to perceive others feelings. They can know when someone is sad or happy, when somone is faking and other behaviours.

5. Curiosity drives their intellect

Advocates are curious about new ideas. They like to learn new concepts in the field of science, religious, psychology & philosophy.

INFJ are motivated by ideas not money. They perfer careers that are inspiring and think creative to bring positive change in the community.

Some others signs of INFJ Personality

  • Their charisma makes them super attractive. They have natural charm and awesome sense of humor.
  • They are emotional individuals, who wear their heart on their sleevs. They are filled with emotions.
  • Thesy are really passionate about their work. They can do anything to achieve their goals even often ignore their own health.
  • Although INFJ seem to be shy and reserved, they can be humorous, daring & mischievous.
  • These people do not get influenced by others opinions very easily.They have their core valure and principles.
  • They have good command in languages. They mostly love writing because writing helps them express their views without being negative.

Strength and Weaknesses

INFJ is the rare and most intresting personality. There are warm, creative, charming as well as mysterious. Here are some of the Strength and weeknesses for having INFJ personality


  • Perceptive and good at reading people
  • Empowered by compassion & empathy
  • Search for deeper meaning in everything
  • Make others feel safe and comfortable
  • Creative & Passionate
  • Perfers close bond relationship
  • Idealist


  • Complicated people & hard to read
  • Stubborn
  • Sometime feels mentally jumbled
  • Overly senstative to Criticism
  • Urge to achieve their vision can lead to stress & burnout

Cognitive Functions

INFJ is a personality type defined by MBTI aka Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. It was established by American educator Katharine Cook Briggs with her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers in 1940s.

This process determines a person's identity regarding the way they graps the surrounding and makes decisions.

The system is a series of questions a persons answers which ultimately identifies someone's personality using the combination of these eight factors. Extraversion, Introversion, Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, Feeling, Judgement and Perception.

Here are four primary cognitive functions of INFJ Personality:

1. Dominant: Introverted Intuition

INFJ's dominant function is Intuition. Intuition is an individual's ability to subconsciously understand something without knowing how or why they know it. This means they are highly focused on their internal insights.

They subconsciously notice pattern in basically everything. And once when they are formed intuition about anything, they seems to be stick to it very tightly.

They are more engaged with their inner dialogue then what they experss around the people. And because of their string of neverending thoughts, they feel isolated from others.

2. Auxiliary: Extraverted Feeling

INFJ's are of warm and helful nature. They have ability to read people and understand their feelings but are ofter unaware of their own emotions.

Most of the time they cannot say 'No' to someones requests. They alway wants to solve other's problem and fears of disappointing them.

3. Tertiary: Introverted Thinking

The INFJ's thinking is introverted, they make many decision based on their own insights.

Introverted Intuition and Extraverted Feelings are the dominant feature of INFJ. They rely on these features while making decision, particularly when they are around other people. But when they are alone, they rely on their Introverted thinking.

INFJ personality type are highly emotional. When they face any stressful situations, they are found rely on emotions.

4. Inferior: Extraverted Sensing

Although this is not the dominant aspect of an INFJ, extraverted sensing does have imapct on persons personality.

This aspect help INFJ to understand their surrounding well and keep them focused on their present. This helps them to live and enjoy their present moment rather than simply worrying about the future.


INFJ's values relationship whether its romantic relationship or frendship. They always tries to tie strong bond with their partner. Beacuse of their calm aura, people gets attraced and share their emotions with them. They are even a good listner and cares a lot about their closed ones.

Romantic Relationship

INFJ always prefer close bond meaningful relationship over casual relations. They are reserved people who build intimate realtionships that lasts forever.

They look for depth and meaning in their relation. Due to this nature its often complicated for them to find compatiable partner.

They perfer making romantic intimacy with someone with whome they can share their core values. Some of INFJ can have very high and unrealistic expectations in relationship.

Because of their emotional nature, they are not afraid of expressing their love and they feel it unconditionally.


INFJ's main goal is usually to keep things running smoothly and make their friend and family happy. They have sixth sense, which help them to understand other feelings and are always ready to solve their problems. Sometime they asr so intent on keeping others content that they forget about themselves.

They are loyal friends who care about their close circle of friends. Most of them seems shy or reserved around the group of unknowns but they are quite relational with their close ones.

INFJ often surround themselves with people who adds value to their lives, help them to improve and grow.


InFJ are found to be connected with childrens. They look up to their realtionship with childrens as an opportunity to learn and grow.

“My instinct is to protect my children from pain. But adversity is often the thing that gives us character and backbone.” - NICOLE KIDMAN

As they are mainly driven by ideas for positive change in the community, they see young childrens as someone who can bring those change in future.

They raise their children to be independent.

Career Selection

Individuals with this personality are goal oriented. They perfers career that are inspiring and add value to their goals. They are motivated by ideas not money. INFJ are creative and always driven by new concepts. They express their creativity mostly through painting, dancing & writing. Plus they are passionate and remains focused towards their goals.

These people wants to find meaning in their work and prefer role as psychologists, teachers, counselors, yoga instructors, social workers etc.

Although people with this personality are introverted, its surprising that they are good communicator. Actually they are expert in communication who can speak effectively to individuals and large group of people.

In fact there are many famous people around the world with this personality who are well known for their amazing speech delivering skills. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela are some of the great INFJ famous people who have great speach giving skills. .

INFJ career

Some of the Popular INFJ career includes:

  • Counselors
  • Writers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Actors
  • Psychologist
  • Teachers
  • Social Working
  • Marketing
  • Musician
  • Yoga Instructors

Are you an INFJ?

Are you an INFJ? - The rarest personality in the world. The one with extra-oridinary qualities which helps you to stand out of the crowd Let's find out. Here are 9 major signs of INFJ personality:

9 Signs you're INFJ Personality

  • You are on different wavelength - Feeling like you don't fit in group of people, you feel like an outsider.
  • You're a perfectionist and you procrastinate. - You always want to be perfect and do something different from others.
  • Good at reading people - You can see the people through their mask. you can easily find out if someone is sad or being fake.
  • Small cirlce of friends - You prefer to keep small circle of friends. Friends, one who can understand you and your emotions.
  • You can't stand small talks - You desire to have deep and meaningful conversation rather than small talks about footbal team or weather, etc.
  • Future focused - You are determined towards your goal and wants to achieve at any cost.
  • You have strong need to be alone - You love spending time with yourself. You enjoy your own company and your deep thoughts.
  • Helpful nature - You gravitates towards people who need help. You always want to solve other problems, this gives you inner satisfaction.
  • You're nonconformist - You don't find trendy news and pop-culture intresting. You like reading books, exploring diffrent cultures & arts.

INFJ Famous People

Here are some of the famous INFJ People:

infj famous people
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Adam Sandler
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Gillian Anderson
  • Mel Gibson
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Shirley Temple
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Mother Teresa
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Tom Selleck
  • Carrie Fisher

INFJ Personality Test

Here are some of the famous INFJ People:

  1. At a Party, I:
  2. I am more:
  3. Is it worse to:
  4. I am impressed more by:
  5. I am more drawn toward the:
  6. I prefer to work:
  7. I tend to choose:
  8. At parties I:
  9. I am more attracted towards:
  10. I am mostly interested in:
  11. While judging others I am more swayed by:
  12. In approaching others is my inclination to be somewhat:
  13. I am more:
  14. It bothers me more having things:
  15. In my social groups I:
  16. While doing ordinary things I am more likely to:
  17. Writers should:
  18. Appeals to me more:
  19. I am more comfortable in making:
  20. I want things:
  21. I am more:
  22. In phoning I:
  23. Facts:
  24. Are visionaries:
  25. I am more often:
  26. Is it worse to be:
  27. I let events occur:
  28. I feel better about:
  29. In company I:
  30. Common sense is:
  31. Children often do not:
  32. In making decisions I feel more comfortable with:
  33. I am more:
  34. Which is more admirable:
  35. I put more value on:
  36. Does new and non-routine interaction:
  37. I am more frequently:
  38. I am more likely to:
  39. For me more satisfying is:
  40. Rules more:
  41. I am more comfortable with work that:
  42. I tends to look for:
  43. I prefer:
  44. I go more by:
  45. I am more interested in:
  46. Which is more of a compliment:
  47. I value in myself more that I am:
  48. I often prefer:
  49. I am more comfortable:
  50. I often:
  51. I am more likely to trust my:
  52. I feel:
  53. Which person is more to be complimented – one of:
  54. I am inclined more to be:
  55. Is it preferable mostly to:
  56. In relationships should most things be:
  57. When the phone rings I:
  58. I prize more in myself:
  59. I am drawn more to:
  60. Which seems the greater error:
  61. I see myself as basically:
  62. This situation appeals to me more:
  63. I am a person that is more:
  64. I am more inclined to be:
  65. In writings I prefer:
  66. It is harder for me to:
  67. I wish more for:
  68. Which is the greater fault:
  69. I prefer the:
  70. I tend to be more:


The INFJ have unique personality. They are smart,perfectionist and sees things from different perspectives than other others. The INFJ's principles are just so detailed and complicated for someone to simplify.

Sometimes they get disconnected from the reality because they are so focused in their inner world. They have constracting hobbies and spend most of their time alone.

They are idealistic, creative and innovative. They love to discover scientific facts and are focused towards their career. They can be writer and scientist at the same time, or writer & Engineer, or actor & matheatician and many more.

But its hard to understand them because they tends to keep their thoughts & emotions to themselves. Even if they feel empty they can put productive, high-motivated mask when they are around others. This is the reason they can't stand negativity towards themselves.